Hiking in the winter sun … special for Sawean ‚Ben‘ Tariya :-)


Since the winter in Germany it is usually not so colorful I have converted a photo of the hike with Gimp in a comic style, so coming into this article then still a little color ;-).

One of the last beautiful days, so the weather report for the next days, I enjoy a ’small‘ walk to the Dutch border with Beate and George last Sunday.

This ’small‘ walk, which really was only about 13 kilometer long, was a full 4 hour tour (round-trip not included). This was due to the type of soil. In the night (and also in the early morning and later in the shadow) it was quite cold, the water on still seas was partially frozen (but not so that you could walk on it), but thawed in the abundant shining sun again. The result was a solid ground under the feets was present in the shadows of the forest, but at other places (specially in the sun), the path became very muddy. With my wrong footwear that was going something arduous. Despite these hardships (muddy roads, low temperatures) the tour was very nice and has a lot of fun.

However, I had to think of the hikes in Thailand and I am not sure if the Thais I know (especially YOU ;-) ) had a lot of fun on such tours. But you are allowed to miss you like in the comments. I’m curious.

Speaking english is OK, but writing … oh, oh, oh. Sometimes the words in the sentence … Bumbalabum #-).

Hiking in the winter sun … special for Sawean ‚Ben‘ Tariya :-)

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